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ECM Consultancy Services

ndow Enterprise Content Management(ECM) Consultancy Services can be undertaken as part of an overall ECM initiative, or as a stand alone project.

Service offerings include Content Server(Livelink) Integration for Legacy/Third Party Systems; Upgrades and Architectural changes; Content Management and Business Process Automation. Whatever the size and scope of an ndow Consultancy engagement, on a new or established Content Server installation, ndow delivers return on investment for your organisation.

When the Customer is completely satisfied with an ndow consultancy engagement, and a business relationship has been established, we can help you move you forward with an ndow Managed Service.

ECM Customisation and Integration

Approaching Content Server customisation and integration with the aim of 'minimising to zero' any adverse impact on native Content Server, ndow employs tools and techniques that avoid 'tinkering' with proprietary Content Server code ....  More/Less

ndow uses a combination of Scripting, Java(J2EE), Microsoft .NET, LAPI, XML and SQL (Stored Procedures and Views), to achieve seamless and future-proof customisation and integration. OScript changes are made only when there is no alternative method for a particular enhancement, or at the Customer's request.

This approach avoids problems when upgrading to a new Content Server version, or when required patch's have to be applied.

ECM Upgrade and Architecture

Planning new Content Server installation, version upgrade or architectural changes in accordance with Customer requirements, ndow will execute the plan to have minimal impact on the Customer's existing operations ....  More/Less

All Content Server installs that ndow undertakes [new Content Server system, version upgrade or architecture - new OS, database or web server], include Content Server system and database performance tuning.

Running a project from start to finish, ndow liases with all involved parties, as required: Company Executive, Internal Teams, (infrastructure support, DBA, etc), and appropriately, with External Agencies.

Content Management

Defining a Community Model that maps User and Group structure in accordance with Corporate Policy, is essential to the success of ECM within an organisation ....  More/Less

Another, most vital requirement is that confidentiality, integrity and access to information in the ECM system is controlled by local business units, not by delegated IT experts/functions that have no knowledge of, nor responsibility for the information.

ndow can assist in creating or reviewing your Community model, provide guidance for creating organizational User and Functional Role identities, and establish Folder Structure, Naming Conventions, Permissions, etc, for your Information model.

Business Process Automation

Automation of internal business operations, tasks and transactions that simplify and streamline current business processes is a most valuable exercise, and core Content Server functionality provides for this in the form of Workflow ....  More/Less

Content Server Livelink's Workflow is a powerful tool, allowing an organization to graphically map business processes. The tool's simplicity hides its inherent complexities and capabilities.

With a well designed and managed Content Server ECM system in place, ndow can provide an organisation with business process analysis and Workflow creation, leveraging the benefits of this most useful tool.

For additional information, or to arrange a meeting to discuss ndow Consultancy Services, please telephone the ndow office on +44(0)207 193 5782, or use the email for information link below.

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