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About ndow Ltd.

ndow Ltd was conceived in the mid 1990's by Neil Dowson when working for the Internet start-up, Intracus Ltd.

Delivering worldwide Knowledge Management system consultancy projects for Intracus, Neil provided 'bread and butter' income for the company, and also held management positions in Internet Marketing and Customer Experience Management for the company’s successful Online Communities development, of the early 2000's.

Focussing on Enterprise Content Management delivered using Open Text Content Server(Livelink), ndow Ltd has built on solid IT Systems expertise, Business experience and Internet management, and Technology know-how to develop the ndow Consultancy and Managed Service offerings.

A strong work ethic is the basis of ndow operations and is grounded in the principal of giving more in use value, than we take in cash value. ndow Ltd. is committed to add real value to its Customer's businesses [and its own business], employing this principal.

ndow Management Team Biographies

Neil Dowson - Managing Director and Principal Consultant (

With an early career in Scientific Programming for Petroleum Engineering in the late 1970's - 1980's, Neil moved into commercial Systems Analysis in the late 1980's - 1990's. He has been involved with and focused on Internet Technologies from the mid 1990's to date.

Neil has provided Enterprise Content Management systems Consultancy, developed Online Communities, has Dot Com Management experience and, since founding ndow Ltd in 2002, drives the company's premier offering of ECM Consultancy and Open Text Content Server(Livelink) Managed Services.

Stephanie Dowson - Sales and Marketing (

The quintessential 'networker' and people person, with many years business administration experience, Stephanie is creative in approach to the Sales and Marketing function at ndow. This includes managing all conventional and email marketing campaigns, analytics and reporting.

In addition to being a business asset to ndow Ltd., Stephanie also teaches advanced Microsoft skills to mature students wishing to attain the European Computer Driving License(ECDL) qualification sponsored by the British Computer Society(BCS).

Stephanie has a key role in ndow, providing help and advice concerning Sales and Marketing matters.

For additional information, or to arrange a meeting to discuss ndow services, please telephone the ndow office on +44(0)207 193 5782, or use the email for information link below.

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